Objects and prototypes in JavaScript


What on Earth is this? Objects and prototypes in JavaScript with Alex Ogilvie

Over the next few weeks, Code Chrysalis' fourth cohort is giving presentations on their topics of expertise--we can't wait to see you there!


Do you understand how 'this' is defined inside JavaScript objects? 'This' is a special keyword defined automatically inside every JS object, but even veterans often struggle to understand exactly what 'this' is referring to.


Alex moved to Japan 4 years ago to become an English teacher. He is new to programming, having discovered JavaScript 10 months ago at a Code Chrysalis meetup. He was bitten by the coding bug, and began studying computer science fundamentals and JS basics. He is now a part of the 4th class of Code Chrysalis's immersive. He has an eye for detail, and a desire to understand things at more than just a surface level.

--Schedule-- 【7:00】:Doors open 【7:15】: Talk starts (intro to 'this' and binding rules) 【7:30】:Short exercise (work on JS problems) 【7:40】:Talk continues (prototypes and the prototype chain) 【7:55】:Short exercise (more JS problems) 【8:10】:Talk finishes (thank yous and review) 【8:15】:Networking

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