ReactorKit Meetup Japan

2018/06/28(木)19:30 〜 23:00 開催


Flux と Reactive programming にインスパイアされた軽量フレームワークである ReactorKit
iOS でも Flux のアーキテクチャは人気を博しており、ReactorKit は Flux を実現する上で有力な候補です。
Wantedly でも昨年から ReactorKit を採用して導入を進めてきました。

今回は、その作者であり、Then や URLNavigator など数々の OSS を生み出している Suyeol Jeon (@devxoul) 氏をゲストにお迎えして、記念すべき第一回 meetup を開催します。

また国内で ReactorKit を利用している方々にも活用事例を発表をしていただきます。

ReactorKit is a lightweight framework inspired by Flux architecture and Reactive programming.
Recently, Flux architecture is gaining popularity in iOS application development and ReactorKit is an emerging framework for Flux.
Wantedly has also acknowledged ReactorKit’s potential and began using it last year.

For our first and memorable ReactorKit Meetup Japan, we’ve invited Suyeol Jeon (@devxoul), the creator of not only ReactorKit but many other OSS such as Then and URLNavigator as our guest speaker.

There’ll also be other speakers who will talk about successful utilization of ReactorKit in Japan.

Special guest: Suyeol Jeon @devxoul

A lazy iOS engineer at StyleShare. I write many code to write less code. I'm interested in open source and a developer community.
— Suyeol Jeon

Special talk では、なぜ ReactorKit を作ろうと思ったのか、どうやってデザインしていったのか、また今後の展望などについて話してもらう予定です。

During Jeon’s Special talk, he’ll be discussing why he created ReactorKit, how he designed it, and the future developments he has in mind.

こんな人におすすめ / This event is recommended for people who…

  • ReactorKit をすでに使っている方
  • MVVM や Flux を使った開発をしている・これからしたいと思っている方
  • ReactorKit はしらないけど、devxoul の他の OSS を知っていて話してみたい方

  • Are already using ReactorKit
  • Are programming with MVVM or Flux, or is considering it
  • Don’t know about ReactorKit but knows devxoul’s other OSS
  • Know devxoul and would like to speak with him


Date: June 28, 2018

Time Description Speaker
19:00 Registration
19:30 Opening
19:40 Special talk Suyeol Jeon, StyleShare
20:20 Q&A session
20:30 Lightning talk Yu Sugawara, Picos
20:40 Lightning talk Yoichi Tagaya, Mercari
20:50 Break
21:00 Lightning talk Jiro Nagashima, Wantedly
21:10 Lightning talk Satoshi Hachiya, RCUBE
21:20 Lightning talk Wooseong Kim, StyleShare
21:30 Afterparty
23:00 Closing


Wantedly, Inc. (Tokyo HQ)
MG Shirokanedai Bld. #‍401,
5-12-7 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo


  • There will be no simultaneous interpretation.
  • We'll do our best to support participants who don't understand Japanese, but we will not provide any professional translation service.
  • The special talk will be in English; Lightning talks will be in Japanese with English presentation materials.


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