[第7回] Django 2.0 で Webアプリケーション作る会



Building Django 2.0 Web Applicationsに沿ってwebアプリを作る予定です。もくもく開発をしながら情報共有したり、交流を深めることができればと思っています。 是非お気軽にご参加ください。(Django初心者の方でも大歓迎です!)


  • 18:50- 開場
  • 19:00- この会についての説明・自己紹介
  • 19:10- もくもく開発
  • 20:30- 成果発表




  1. Building MyMDB
  2. Adding Users to MyMDB
  3. Posters, Headshots, & Security
  4. Caching in on the Top 10
  5. Deploying with Docker
  6. Starting Answerly
  7. Searching for Questions with Elasticsearch ← コレ!
  8. Testing Answerly
  9. Deploying Answerly
  10. Starting Mail Ape
  11. The Task of Sending Emails
  12. Building an API
  13. Deploying Mail Ape


※ 書籍は基本的に持参していただくようお願いします。




  • アメリエフ株式会社の会議室で開催します。
  • 正面から入って6Fに来てください。(アパホテルの向かいにあるセンチュリー21が入っているビルです)
  • 無線LAN・電源あります。




This project-based guide will give you a sound understanding of Django 2.0 through three full-featured applications. It starts off by building a basic IMDB clone and adding users who can register, vote on their favorite movies, and upload associated pictures. You will learn how to use the votes that your users have cast to build a list of the top 10 movies. This book will also take you through deploying your app into a production environment using Docker containers hosted on the server in Amazon's Electric Computing Cloud (EC2). Next, you're going to build a Stack Overflow clone wherein registered users can ask and answer questions. You will learn how to enable a user asking a question to accept answers and mark them as useful. You will also learn how to add search functionality to help users find questions by using ElasticSearch. You'll discover ways to apply the principles of 12 factor apps while deploying Django on the most popular web server, Apache, with mod_wsgi. Lastly, you'll build a clone of MailChimp so users can send and create emails, and deploy it using AWS. Get set to take your basic Django skills to the next level with this comprehensive guide!


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