NodeTokyo Tech Meetup & Workshop



Ethereum Foundation: The session title has been changed to “Ethereum 2.0 a.k.a. Serenity Update”.
Kadena: The person who conducts Kadena workshop has been changed to Colin from Will. Colin will do the workshop in Japanese.


This is the pre-event of Node Tokyo 2018, organized by Ethereum Japan. We will feature the current state of blockchain research and development with leading projects: Polkadot, OmiseGO, Ethereum, Kadena and Status. This event will be in English.

Ethereum Japan主催のNode Tokyo 2018のPre-Eventになります。世界のブロックチェーン技術のリサーチと開発の最新動向を先頭を走っているプロジェクトとともに紹介いたします。今回参加するプロジェクトはPolkadot, OmiseGO, Ethereum Foundation, KadenaとStatusです。

*技術者を対象としたイベントです。This event is for developers.



  • Masaharu Uno, Omise Japan, Country Manager
  • David Knott, OmiseGO, Plasma Researcher
  • Hsiao-Wei Wang, Ethereum Foundation, Researcher
  • Adrian Brink,Web3 Foundation & Polkadot, Technologist
  • Will Martino, Kadena, Co-Founder
  • Jarrad Hope, Status, Co-Founder


Time Contents Presenter
14:00〜14:20 Opening & Networking
14:20〜14:30 Welcome & Overview of Key Technical Problems Masa (OmiseGO)
14:30〜14:45 Interoperability Adrian (Polkadot)
14:50〜15:05 Ethereum 2.0 a.k.a. Serenity Update” Hsiao-Wei (EF)
15:10〜15:25 Scalability & Plasma David Knott (OmiseGO)
15:30〜15:45 Running Distributed Technical Teams and Dapps for all Jarrad Hope (Status)
15:45〜16:00 Writing Smart Contract Safer Will (Kadena)
16:00〜16:30 Break
16:30〜17:10 【Main Stage】Panel Discussion Hsiao-wei, David, Jarrad, Adrian
16:30〜17:10 【Sub Stage】Kadena Workshop Session in Japanese Colin
17:10〜17:30 Q&A
17:30〜17:35 Wrap-up
  • The contents and timetable can be changed.



About Node Tokyo

NodeTokyo 2018 is the first large-scale international blockchain conference in Japan organized by the core community of Japanese blockchain scene.

We will bring the Japanese developers, students and enterprises in blockchain as well as the leading projects and leaders around the world.

Official Website:





Venue: Tokyo Midtown Hibiya 6F Base Q
Address: Tokyo Midtown Hibiya: 1-1-2, Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


  • Contents and timetable of this event can be changed by the organizer
  • Pictures that are taken at this event can be used for social media and this event can be broadcasted on social media
  • Any sales activity or related promotional activities are not allowed in this event. We may decline your participation if you do that kind of things.
  • If you damage the facilities, we may charge you the fee incurred by that damage.

  • イベント内容・およびタイムテーブルは予告なく変更となる場合があります。予めご了承ください。
  • 当日の模様は、SNS などに掲載される可能性があるほか、広報活動で使用させていただく場合がございます。
  • 本イベント会場内での営業活動及びそれに準ずる行為は禁止です。発覚した場合、その場でご退場いただき今後のイベントへの参加をお断りする場合がございます。
  • 会場の設備、備品を汚損、破損された場合はその損害を賠償していただきます。


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