kyoto.ex MeetUp featuring Nerves


kyoto.ex MeetUp featuring Nerves

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内容 / Contents

関数型言語ElixirによるIoT開発フレームワークである『Nerves』は,RaspberryPiなどのIoTボード上で動作する最小構成のLinuxブートローダ+Elixir実行環境+各種デバドラのパッケージセットで,Elixir × IoTの文脈で最も活発なプロジェクトです.前回のkyoto.exではNerves Trainingを実施しました.

そんなNerves Projectのco-authorであるJustin Schneck氏がSWEST21ElixirConf JP 2019 Kokurajoのために来日されます.京都にも立ち寄られますので,これに合わせてkyoto.ex MeetUpを開催します!
今回のMeetUpでは,Justin氏よりNerves Projectについてを直接ご紹介いただきます.ご期待ください!


"Nerves" is a development framework for IoT systems with functional language Elixir. It consists of boot-loader, Linux Kernel, Erlang VM and device drivers as the smallest package set for embedded/IoT boards such as RaspberryPi. Nerves Project has gotten a lot of attention as a novel solution to realize the IoT with Elixir. We held the Nerves Training in previous kyoto.ex event.

Justin Schneck, one of the co-author of Nerves Project, will come to Japan! (Please check ElixirConf JP 2019 Kokurajo in detail).
He will also visit Kyoto. So we decide to hold the kyoto.ex MeetUp with Justin.

In this MeetUp event, Justin will introduce the new world of “Elixir and IoT” pioneered by Nerves. Please look forward to this opportunity!

We also solicit the lightning talks (LT) in this MeetUp. Please feel free to consider to present/discuss your knowledge/activity/experience about Elixir, Phoenix, Nerves and so on. Of course, English presentation is welcome.
If you want to give a LT, please let us know the title by the questionnaire on the application form.



Biography: Justin is the co-author of Nerves Project. Justin is in a constant state of working to make the the world around him bend to his imagination. He spends his time making that invisible, often impenetrable layer in the air between all the hardware in the world, easy to work with through Nerves.

開催概要 / Description

  • 日時:2019年9月3日(火) 19:00-20:30
  • 主催:kyoto.ex / 京都大学高木研究室
    • 住所:京都府京都市下京区四条通麩屋町西入立売東町28番地
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  • イベント参加費:無料

    • 終了後にどこかお店に移動してJustinとの懇親会を開催予定です.
  • Date: September 3rd (Tue), 2019 19:00-20:30

  • Event Fee: free
    • We are planning to hold the dinner with Justin after the event.
      Participation fee of dinner is about 5,000 yen (tentative).

タイムテーブル / Shchedule

time contents
18:30 - 19:00 受付 / reception
19:00 - 20:00 Talk by Justin about Nerves Project
20:00 - 20:30 Lightning Talks (T.B.A)
20:30 - 21:00 移動 / move to dinner
21:00 - 23:00 懇親会 / dinner with Justin

kyoto.ex とは? / What is kyoto.ex?




A meetup for Elixir language enthusiasts. Whether you're just interested in seeing what it's about, or use the language in production, or even use Erlang, this meetup is for like-minded programmers together to socialise, share our ideas and projects, help each other learn, and discuss recent developments. The aim is to create a casual environment in both English and Japanese where anyone is welcome and the only requirement is an interest in Elixir! Let's see if we can get an Elixir community going in Kyoto. :-)


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