#31 Student Engineer meeting !!! in Tokyo


japanese page: https://student-lt.connpass.com/event/147470/

Come and gather with us, student engineers!

This is the LT conference (session?) held by students for students. We welcome not only the university student but also all the other type of students such as elementary, middle, and high school students. Any theme is accepted for LT! Since this conference's one of the main purpose is to make a place for all the student engineers to get a chance to intract with others! The LTs will be streamed on Official YouTube channnel, Periscope and Facebook Live as usual. We hope all the student engineer, not only the one who could make the way to here, could somehow enjoy the conference via streaming.

"#StudentLT" 's policy

please read HERE before registration.

For under 16's participation

**UNDER 16 yr's old"'s participation requires a parental permission. PLEASE DO GET PERMISSION BEFORE PARTICIPATING. Please freely contact @_student_lt if you, or your parents have any thought of question or wondering.

Explanation of registration

Registration Explanation talking?
listener Listening to the speakers No
Speaker Speaking 5 minutes Yes

※The number of people that can be registered is subject to change.In that case, we will contact you on Twitter and mail.

What's LT?

LT stands for Lightning Talk, and is basically a "5min presentation." Many people don't like a long long long presentation like your teacher, or professer sometimes do, don't you agree?? Many people literaly fall a sleep. Or think about the one who's presenting. You don't really wanna be pressurized for other speaker doing a long long long long presentation while you only have a few, right? By limiting presenting time up to 5min, everyone gets a huge benefits. Now that audience most likely be able to be more focused on each presentation, and it's now much easier for presentor to freely join, with no pressures on you!

Targeted audience

  • Feeling like "I'm too low skilled to join such a conference"? Don't worry, everyone is welcomed no matter what skills you have! Please do not hesitate to join! Everyone was like you at some point!
  • Want some engineer friend from other schools and frow even more? We offer that too! Join our small party that'll be held at the same place as LT! (Sushi&Pizza is usually provided, and cost only 500 yen for the students!)
  • Motivated and looking forward a new technology or new ideas? Hey, you are on the right track!
  • Wanna make new relationships with other student engineers? Hey! Join us! We will be holding a mini party for intracting!

WANTED: LT Presentators!

  • We're looking for anyone who's interested doing LT! Any theme (including something that has nothing to do with technology) is welcomed! Even just a brief introduction of yourself is fine and accepted!
  • Please register as presentor(speaker) if you are doing LT.
  • Overcap? Don't worry, get in touch with us before you give up! There's a chance we can somehow adjest the time and get you on LT too!

Sponsor for the location

This Student LT will be held with the courtesy of DMM.​com .

Company infomation - DMM.​com Group

We actively employ young engineers.
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested!
contact us:recruit@dmm.com
Event page:https://dmm.connpass.com/

Venue attention

Please be careful about contamination of the venue.

Recruitment during this event is strictly prohibited, please do hesitate doing that.

The administration will be done by Student LT . For inquiries regarding the event, please contact Student LT, not DMM.​com .

The schedule might change depending on the situation (Usually don't happen btw, so be sure to follow&check the official twitter on the day of the LT! or else you might get into the location at wrong time!

Student LT is supported by many people.Please take common sense.


time detail
12:30 open
13:00 opening
13:10 LT Contests
16:00 break time
17:30 Dissolution

Join the community

HP : https://student-lt.tech/
Discord : https://discord.gg/F4u9yKN

Twitter : https://twitter.com/_student_lt



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