Nagano.rb #4 in Ueda


Nagano.rb 第4回を開催します。


初心者の方のご参加も大歓迎ですので、お気軽に Ruby に親しみにきてください。

↓↓↓ (English follows Japanese) ↓↓↓


時間 内容
13:00〜 開場 Doors open
13:30〜15:30 LT大会 Lighting talks
15:30〜17:00 もくもく会 Free talk/networking time
  • LTのテーマは、Rubyに関することであればなんでもOKです。前回から進捗があったことや、個人でつくったアプリの紹介などなど、たくさんのLTをお待ちしています!





This is the 4th installment of Nagano.rb, Nagano’s Ruby meetup. The meetup will feature several lightning talks with mingling time afterward. This time, the meetup will be held in Ueda.

Everyone, including beginners, is welcome so please join us!

If you want to give a lightning talk, choose the “LT枠” (Lightning Talk Presenter) when registering. For regular registration, choose “一般参加枠” (General Participant).

Time Schedule

13:00〜 Doors open
13:30〜15:30 Lighting talks
15:30〜17:00 Free talk/networking time

Lightning talks can cover any topic related to Ruby (can be in English, too). Some ideas include, but not limited to: talking about something new you have learned about Ruby at work or in your studies, presenting an app that you have built, techniques you use when developing, etc.

After Party

  • We are planning an “after-party” after the meetup at a local restaurant near Ueda Station. If you have time, please come! Note that food/drinks costs are not covered and must be paid by each after-party participant.
  • If you plan on coming to the after-party, please indicate that you will join in the survey that appears when you register for the meetup (choose “参加する” from the options).


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