API Demo Night with Rakuten RapidAPI APIデモ・ナイトへようこそ!

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先着順 無料 4人 / 定員30人


API Demo Night with Rakuten RapidAPI


コードクリサリスの初APIデモナイトへようこそ!今回はRakuten RapidAPIと共同で開催となります。


Welcome to our very first API Demo Night with Rakuten RapidAPI!

During the evening we will hear what APIs are, how you can get started, and enjoy 4 demo presentations using APIs sourced from the Rakuten RapidAPI marketplace. The presentations are given by our current Immersive bootcamp students here at Code Chrysalis. Besides the program, we'll also have time for networking.

Refreshments will be provided, among with Rakuten RapidAPI market place credits to get you started!

**Who can join?**
Anyone who wants to see what you can achieve with APIs is welcome to join. No coding experience required.


Time Details
19:00〜 Doors Open
19:30〜 Program Start

Introduction to APIs and Rakuten Rapid API Market place

- What are APIs?
- What is Rakuten RapidAPI? How to get started?


Student presentations and Q&A

- 4 x presentations + Q&A from Rakuten RapidAPI

20:50〜21:30 Closing words and Networking: 20:50-21:30


Participation Fee





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