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An HTML event is an "event" that occurs with HTML elements. When JavaScript is used in HTML pages, JavaScript can "bounce back" with these events.

HTML event An HTML event can be something the browser does, or something the user does.

Here are some examples of HTML events:

An HTML page has finished downloading The HTML input field has been changed An HTML button has been clicked Usually, when events happen, you may want to do something. JavaScript allows you to execute the command line when the event is executed.

HTML allows event handling attributes, with JavaScript code, to be added to HTML elements.

With single quotes:

With double quotes:

In the following example, an onclick (with code) attribute, is added to a button element:

The time is?

In the above example, the JavaScript will change the content of the element with id = "demo". In the next example, the code will change the content of its own element (using this.innerHTML):

The time is?

JavaScript code is usually several lines long. It is more common to see event properties calling functions.

For example:

The time is?

Generic HTML event Here is a list of some common HTML events:

Event Description onchange An HTML element has been changed onclick User clicks on an HTML element onmouseover User moves the mouse over an HTML element onmouseout User moves the mouse away from an HTML element onkeydown User presses on keyboard onload The browser has finished loading the page Application in JavaScript Event handlers can be used to handle, and verify, user input, user actions, and browser actions: geometry dash Things to do every time the page loads Things to do when closing the page Action should be taken when the user clicks a button Content should be verified when users enter data ... A variety of methods can be used to work with events:

The HTML event attribute can execute JavaScript code directly The HTML event attribute can call a JavaScript function You can assign your own event handlers to HTML elements You can prevent the event from being sent or processed


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