Frontrend Extend - Mobile Testing with Appium


Event Frontrend Extend - Mobile Testing with Appium -
Day 07.Aug 2014 (Thu) 19:30 – 21:45(Open 19:00)
Place CyberAgent, Inc. 17th Floor Seminar Room
Therme Mobile Testing
Capacity 80
Speaker Jonah Stiennon (Sauce Labs)
Organizer CyberAgent, Inc.
Fee Free
Registration Need
Tags #frontrend
Remarks School type, Consecutive interpretation

A Demonstration of Mobile Testing with Appium

Come and see how you can use Appium to automate testing for both Android and iOS mobile devices. With Appium, you can write test cases in any programming language, and they will run on both iOS and Android.

The modern movement of DevOps aims towards uniting Developers and Quality Assurance. The more tests you can automate, the more time Manual QA professionals can spend finding new ways to break your app.
※This presentation will be technical, with many live demos and code examples.


Jonah Stiennon

Jonah Stiennon is a software developer on the Ecosystem and Integrations team at Sauce Labs, and a contributor to Appium . As far as he knows, he is the only Node.js developer who was paid in Bitcoin and issued invoices as JSON documents.

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