Ruby international meetup in Kobe


Ian, who is a Rubyist from USA, demonstrates his live motion graphics software!

Ian, who is a Rubyist from Portland, OR, USA and just arrived in Kobe, demonstrates his live motion graphics software called Luz.

Cover image: Portland, Oregon - Wikipedia

Message from Ian


I am a Ruby programmer from Portland, OR, USA, and just arrived in Kobe, Japan. I think I'll be in Kobe until the 23rd.

I'm working on open source live motion graphics software written in Ruby.

Some screenshots here:


What is Luz?

According to README, Luz takes input from wiimotes, Wacom tablets and so on, and generates interactive motion graphics.

Video and screenshots are here:

Luz image

The details will be revealed in this meetup!

(For Japanese) I cannot speak English. May I register this event?

No problem. Some members can help translation.

However, we recommend you should listen and speak English by yourself. Don't hesitate even if you're poor at English!

Where to meet

If you come by train, let's meet at Marine Park Station around 6:45pm. You can go to Canadian Academy with other attendees.

If you directly come to Canadian Academy, please come by 6:55pm. You have to enter with school staff.

Please feel free to give mention to @jnchito if you are in trouble.

Do you have these input devices?

We are happy if you bring these input devices.

  • Mouse
  • Wacom tablet
  • Joysticks
  • USB-MIDI devices
  • Wiimotes
  • Gamepads
  • generic OpenSoundControl input


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