Pair Programming Session #3

2014/03/08(土)13:00 〜 18:00 開催


Special Announcement: If you're interested in Ember.js, we're also organizing an Ember.js meetup

We are going to do another pair programming event! Our pair programming events have three goals: have fun programming, learn from other developers, and increase communication between Japanese and international developers.

Format of the event

During the event, participants will be paired up, and work together to complete a programming challenge that should take about two hours to do. The challenges will be solvable using pure ruby - no special frameworks required.

Our previous challenges:

After the event, people who want to can join us at a local restaurant for dinner (we'll split the cost).


1:00 Doors Open
1:30 1st Pair Programming Session
3:30 Present Solutions
4:00 2nd Pair Programming Session
5:30 Present Solutions
6:00 Dinner


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