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-When signing up, "you have not yet bought a ticket" will be displayed on your right. Click "pay now" to proceed. If you do not pay in advance, you will be able to pay at the reception on the day of the event.
-Payment will be displayed as 「得上 竜一 ¥895 JPY」 (Tokugami Ryuichi 895Y) will be displayed. This is the administrator of the event, and there is no problem with the amount being 895Y.
-There will not be any refunds of prepaid tickets.

Privacy policy

-The personal information collected is managed by the JAWS DAYS2015 committee, and will be managed in accordance with the law.
-Information will be collected in order to manage this event. Also, notifications of other events, services, questionnaires and campaigns held by partnering companies.
-For details please refer to Amazon Data Services Japan KK privacy policy: (

Sign-up deadline for advanced registrations

-Registrations in advance will have a cut off date of March 21th (Sta.) at noon (12:00). In order to make registration as smooth as possible on the day of the event, please register in advance.
-For those who did not sign up in advance, there will be tickets sold directly at the event. Even if you don't have a ticket, please feel free to show up directly on the day of the event.


-If you need a receipt for the participation fee (1000Yen), please ask the staff during check in.
-Seating will be best effort, and there is no individual registration per session/track. First come, first serve.

1537人 / 定員2000人
belle salle Shinjuku grand 1F event hall
Tokyo Shinjuku Nishi-shinjuku 8-17-1