Chef Fabrizio's Italian Home Made Pasta Class


Description of the class:

Nonna's Tortellini and Ravioli!

Learn how to prepare yummy filled Italian pasta from fresh egg, and some of the most interesting filling! The traditional tortellini and ravioli of the celebration "cenoni" for the most important Italian family festivities available for you!

How to prepare "pasta all'uovo" from scratch, tips, with broth and tomato sauce, with cream, and some of the most interesting Italian, and Asian fusion, filling:

Meat and cheese

Ricotta and Spinach

Crab, ginger, herbs

Chef Fabrizio Righi

After 16 over years of working across Europe in various capacities, Fabrizio made Singapore his second home in 2011. Living in the tiny red dot for the last few years has not quenched his enthusiasm in bringing Italy to the world. For his love to share with his new Community, he was and still is the first Italian educational and cultural chef and trainer who got the qualification for teaching in the Constituencies by People Association. He has cooked his way into the hearts of many Singaporeans through his humorous, educational, insightful and thoughtful Italian cuisine classes at the local Community Centres and Public & Private Institutions and Schools. He credits his love for Roman & Italian cuisine to the influence of his loving grandmother, Maria Stella, who patiently taught him the art of Roman & Italian cuisine when he was growing up. His specialty is in ancient recipes from Ancient Rome and Greece, Roman Cuisine, Traditional Italian Cuisine. A linguist with 9 languages under his belt, not counting Latin and Ancient Greek, Fabrizio prepares his own teaching materials and conducts language classes in the Community Centres, International Schools, the Italian Institute of Culture, as well as private tutoring. An Italian Restaurant Manager by profession now, Fabrizio enjoys collaborating with several restaurants, F&B fairs, companies, and food magazines in Singapore –like BBC GoodFood Asian Edition and Xin Flavours- to create mouth-watering Italian recipes for foodies and non-foodies alike. He is also a Secretary of the new born Italian Association of Singapore.

Remarks & Terms and Condition:


We use flour, egg, cream, cheese, crab, spinach as main ingredients. Please note that we don't take any responsibility to any personal food allergy case.

-Free Kids seats

Applicable less than 13 years old, if you'd like to accompany your baby, please contact to first.

Due to the limited space, there will be cases that we can't accept that our attendees accompany young children.

-Event Operation

We will notify 7 days prior the event day to all the attendees if the event has to be cancelled.


There will be no refund unless the event itself is cancelled.


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