ChatterboxPro - Rediscovering real conversations

2015/05/28(木)19:30 〜 22:00 開催


Rediscovering real conversations

Miss the long hours of chatting about anything and everything (i.e. politics, sex, religion) in Chatterbox? Can’t seem to find the right time, place or people to hold real conversations with, now that you’re in the working world?

We hear you! The USP Alumni Society is bringing inter-disciplinary learning to a whole new professional level. Join us for a dose of intellectual stimulation and hear how fellow alumni are shaking things up in the social innovation, public service and private property spaces.

Entrance fees aka no more free eclairs, sorry!
  • USP Alumni Society (not SPAN) members: FREE* for the first session on 28 May, $5 for subsequent sessions
  • Non-members: S$10 per session (excluding S$1.35 ticketing fee)

*Small print:
  1. Membership fee for the USP Alumni Society is also S$10 excluding handling fee. So basically, we really want you to join the USP alumni society as a member lah.
  2. If you have already registered as member of the society, you will receive an email with a discount code - please select the "USP Alumni Society member" ticket type and enter the code to bypass payment.
  3. If you are not yet a member of the society and would like to register, simply purchase a "USP Alumni Society member" ticket, which would count as payment of the membership fee. We will follow-up with you via email to obtain further personal details for your membership registration.


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