Code for Japan Idobata Kaigi #90

2015/09/24(木)19:00 〜 21:00 開催



Come join us for our weekly civic hack Meetup called "Idobata-Kaigi" hosted by Code for Japan. Idobata-Kaigi means water-cooler talk in Japanese. Everyone is welcome: coders, designers, marketers, writers, etc. (non-coders very welcome!) Of course Brigade members and others interested in civic hacking welcome. Feel free to invite friends.

This is an evening of civic tech hacking, learning, and hanging.You're welcome to contribute to an existing project or come to share your idea, maybe start a new collaboration. We also explore new projects as they pop up - please bring a laptop/tablet device and hack along with us!

If you are a new member, some of the senior members will help you get started.

This meetup is held every Thursday evening.

And you can join this meetup also with online, please connect via (See details below)


What is Code for Japan?

Launched in Fall 2013, Code for Japan is a national nonprofit organization working to build open source technology and organize a network of people dedicated to making government services simple, effective, and easy to use.
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What has actually happened so far?

For examples

  • Talking about the topics related to civic tech
  • Ask somebody's advice for everything
  • Working for Code for Japan
  • Studying about programming
  • Chat about open data
  • Technical consultation for linked open data
  • Just working in silence

What does happen after meetup?

Let's go to Izakaya (Japanese style pub) and drinks some beer!


Code for Japan Idobata kaigi will be announced on Facebook events of Code for Japan 参加メンバー向けグループ.And this event page is used as logs for each event. You can check and feel about Idobata kaigi on it.

This event can be registered from both Facebook event or DoorKeeper event. If you registered from doorkeeper, you could track the record.

Technical information about online access for Idobata Kaigi

Please access from your browser (Chrome, Firefox, and Opera only) to service. (It uses WebRTC technology) – one click video conversations

iOS application is also available


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