Product Hunt & Justa Meetup


Product Hunt is a phenomenon in the tech world, the destination and world wide platform for Product discovery! Justa, bridging talent and startups in Japan, is bringing to you the community directly to Tokyo!

Join us for an epic evening at the third Product Hunt Tokyo community-driven meetup as we bring together an amazing community of product hunters, launchers, startups and investors to Google Japan. You'll learn some awesome product tips, hear about cool startups and meet some talented people!

Speakers for this third event!

  • Andre Casaclang, the organizer of Pioneers Festival is bringing the Festival experience to Asia! Andre will be talking about the story behind building Pioneers. This is a great chance to meet with the organizers and hear the behind the scenes of the top startup conference! Also, they are seeking for the best startups to apply for their three startup competitions, cant miss this!
    Andre Casaclang

  • Minako from Yaraku joined the startup right after graduating university, she started with sales, and now specialising in Marketing. She will illuminate the night by talking about her experience and journey of Yaraku and the translation industry in Japan.
    Minako Kando

  • Ben and Dave run 96 Problems, where they are focused on solving small problems with small, rapidly-developed products. Current projects include First Draft -- the world's first rough draft writing application -- and Look Up -- an application promoting eye health. They do monthly "one-day hacks" as a team and do deep listening to and engage with communities outside of tech in order to identify new problems to solve.

  • Michi is a self-taught designer and front-end engineer.
    She currently leads UI/UX design at Progate, a startup in Tokyo that helps programming beginners build creative confidence through learning to code.

  • Michael Todd founded Crowdify to connect and promote great people to make a bigger difference by collaborating than individually. He continually studies social media tools and strategies and is applying that study to Crowdify.
    Previously a lawyer for 16 years but has been a social media blogger and tech venture capitalist for 8 years now!

If interested in presenting next time, Tweet us here

Pizza and beer will be served! Feel welcome to bring your own drinks as well!

18:30-19:00 Registration in the Lobby of Mori Tower, Roppongi Hills
19:00-19:30 Welcome, drinks, food etc...
19:30-19:35 Intros
19:35-20:30 Talks - Speakers to be Announced Soon!
20:30-21:30 mingle ! party! network!
21:30 Ciao Ciao!

Product Hunt plus Justa

27人 /定員30人
Google 30F
Google Japan, 〒106-6126 東京都港区 六本木6−10−1 六本木ヒルズ森タワー



2018/05/10(木) 19:30 〜 22:00
大阪府 天満
2018/04/25(水) 14:30 〜 16:30
福岡県 祇園
2018/05/12(土) 13:30 〜 15:00
愛知県 国際センター
2018/06/11(月) 19:00 〜 21:00
大阪府 天満


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