ML Kitchen #4 (English only)


About "ML Kitchen"

Whether you're working on machine learning during the day or in your free time, take this opportunity to meet other researchers and engineers. Good chance to converge, add some noise to your neurons, network with your peers, get some knowledge transfer and go deeper into machine learning topics with interesting talks.

Requirements for Attendees

  • Business Card (This is only to show us who you are, we do not send spam email to your inbox)
  • Machine Learning related position (We want to reserve a place for those who can benefit the most from this event)

Date and Place

2017 June, 29

Cookpad Inc. Yebisu Garden Place Tower 12th Floor
4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-6012 Japan (map)


19:00 Doors open

19:30 "The Evolution of CNN" by Yohei Kikuta

19:50 --BREAK for FOOD and DRINKs--

20:00 "Production Tensorflow with Tensorflow Serving" by David Kenney

20:30 "Bayesian Dropout and Beyond" by Lukasz Krawczyk

21:00 --Networking time!--

22:00 --CLOSING TIME--


  • Yohei Kikuta is an image recognition expert at Cookpad. With a background in particle physics, he has really deep understanding of deep learning models and algorithms.
  • David Kenney is a Machine Learning Specialist at Cookpad Global. But his skills are truly full-stack, ranging from infrastructure to front-end development.
  • Lukasz Krawczyk is a Data Scientist at Asurion. Handicraft lover, Bayesian Inference and Open Source advocate.


  • This event is mainly in English. Sorry for your inconveniences.
  • We are also hiring great engineers @ Cookpad. If you happen to like us, please go visit our website and apply there, or come talk to us directly in the event. If you happen to not like us, don't tell us, we don't want to know that :P


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