CI&T Hackathon for 2020 Olympics!


CI&T Japan's first Hackathon with bit of Drupal! 国内初のCI&Tハッカソン!Drupalも触れられます!come have fun and win Apple Watch or PS4!

  • JP info follows down below. 日本語は下方ご確認ください。*7/4 日本人参加者が半数となりましたので、日本語説明は一旦削除いたしました。ご了承ください。
  • Details are subject to change. 詳細内容は変更となる場合があります。



CI&T Japan's very first hackathon! Let's create a mobile app for tourists visiting Tokyo for 2020 Tokyo Olympics! You can also get in touch with Drupal which is gaining some attention in Japan too.


  • Front end developer
  • Back end developer
  • Designer


  • Explanations will all be in English. Full fluency is not required, but English skill to work in the team would be required.

The Challenge

  • [Theme] Mobile app that tourists to 2020 Tokyo Olympics can enjoy the stay more
  • [Basic Idea] Mobile app that tourists can easily get to know each other and go for a drink.


  • Competition will be by teams. Each team will have three participants. Team members will be decided at the event.
  • Outcome must follow the Theme (Ideas other than Basic Idea is acceptable)
  • Use Drupal 8 RESTful API (Basic environment & API for IN/OUT of data such as people, time, place, will be provided)

Other Rules

  • Either web app or native app (iOS/Android) is acceptable


PS4 or Watch (for each member of the winning team)

Evaluation & Judge

Evaluation criteria (TBD)

Experienced CI&T developers will be the judge. Incomplete outcome will still be evaluated.

Time & Place

2017, July 15th, Sat 9:30-19:00

at CROSSCOOP Aoyama(青山)

170-0061 Landwork Aoyama bulding 9F 2-7-26 Kita-aoyama Minato-ku Tokyo CROSSCOOP Aoyama

〒107-0061 東京都港区北青山2-7-26 Landwork青山ビル 9階 CROSSCOOP青山

MAP Landwork Aoyama bulding

Time Table

Time Detail
09:30 open
10:00 opening, CI&T/Drupal intro, requirements
10:30 Idea thinking, self-intro & idea presentation
11:00 Team-up (start dev time)
17:00 Outcome presentations, Judging, Winner presentation
18:00 After Party
19:00 close
  • Lunch & snacks provided
  • CI&T developers tech support upon request


  • Ideas, technical snippets could be prepared in advance
  • We might talk to exceptional participants separately for hiring purpose!

about CI&T

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CI&T and Hackathon

  • At CI&T HQ, CI&T Hackathons has been held for the past several years almost every month which is attracting many developers and designers.
  • As net result, over thousands of developers has applied and those hundreds that passed the online test has actually participated in the hacathons.
  • Extraordinarily, CI&T HQ's developer recruitment is mostly thru these hackathons!

about Drupal (TBD)

Reference (TBD)

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CI&T is 2nd in Drupal contribution

*7/4 日本人参加者が半数となりましたので、日本語説明は一旦削除いたしました。ご了承ください


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