UI & Design Workshop - 初心者講座

2018/06/13(水)18:00 〜 20:00 開催


After receiving many requests, the UI & Design Crash Course is back!

Learn to quickly build a set of icons, a logo, a newsletter banner or even a mockup for your app.



We'll cover everything you need to know to build your graphical assets:
• Latest and coolest resources for the best pictures, icons, colors, fonts, and patterns.
• Demo of Figma, a popular design and prototyping tool used in startups, to refine your icons, change their colour and shape, export them, and customise any assets (logo, icons, newsletter banner, etc.).
• General knowledge about standard UI components and how they are built.
• Designer tricks and secrets (how to build a nice shadow? Add a filter to a cover pic? resize pictures with different proportions? Create masks?).


• No pre-requisite, this is a workshop for beginners
• No need to bring your laptop

Le Wagon Tokyo is a coding school for startups, creative people and tech entrepreneurs. Our 9-week Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp is designed for complete beginners or "half-beginners" who really want to dive into programming and, above all, change their mindset. Learn to think like a developer, consider issues with new insight, and become more autonomous thanks to these newly acquired abilities.

Our fourth Tokyo batch is over! Relive the Demo Day action with the video. You can already apply for our October 2018 batch.


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