Dyverse Blockchain x AR Game Meetup Tokyo



概要 Overview

ERC-721を活用し、「ARゲーム X Blockchain」を実現する「Dyverse」の日本初Meetupです。ERC-721プロトコルを用いたNon-Fungible Tokenの紹介、及びVREX Lab社の紹介を行います。ERC-721、仮想通貨ベースのゲームや、ARキャラクターにご興味のある方々の参加をお待ちしております。
The first blockchain/cryptocurrency event by "Dyverse", a crypto-game based on ERC-721 that builds AR/VR/3D world. The event will include introduction of Non-Fungible Token (ERC-721), and introduction of VREX Lab Inc. Any guests who are interested in ERC-721 protocol, crypto based game, AR characters are welcomed to join the event.

タイムテーブル Time table

時間 Time 内容 Content
19:00 開場 Opening of the venue
19:20 オープニング Opening
19:30 挨拶 Greetings
19:40 ERC-721プロトコルを用いたNon-Fungible Tokenの紹介
Introduction of Non-Fungible Token and ERC-721 protocol
20:10 VREX Lab社の会社紹介 Introduction of VREX Lab
20:30 交流会 Exchange meeting

登壇者 Speaker

Rudy Lee(VREX Lab社代表)
VREX Lab社代表。米Princeton大学でComparative Literature、Visual Art専攻し、卒業後は、監督として、多数のテレビ広告、映画を撮影。当社創業前は、広告・Music Video制作会社である37th Degree社を創業し、様々なK-Popスターと共同企画を実施。
Rudy Lee (VREX Lab co-founder)
Rudy is Co-founder and CEO of VREX Lab, a startup focused connecting people around the world by delivering entertaining AR experiences. Prior to co-founding VREX Lab, Rudy co-founded the international production company 37th Degree, which produces commercials and music videos for clients ranging from MNCs to K-pop idols. Rudy began his career as an independent film director/screenwriter and worked on several commercials and TV. He also served as speechwriter and interpreter to the defense minister of Korea. Rudy holds a degree in comparative literature and visual arts from Princeton.

参加対象者 Guests who are welcomed to visit

Non Fungible Token(ERC 721)に興味のある方 People who are interested in non-fungible token (ERC 721)
ゲーム関係者 People who are from game industry
ブロックチェーン/仮想通貨投資家、起業家、ユーザー Investors, entrepreneurs, users in blockchain and crypto community

運営会社 Company

VREX Lab Inc.
Chinaaccelerator(中国)、SOSV(米国)、Colopl Next(日本)、Bluepoint Partners(韓国)から資金調達し、急成長中のモバイルAR領域に特化したシリコンバレーチーム。現在7ヵ国家からのエンジニア、マーケッターが活躍している。
VREX Lab Inc.
The company is one of the fast growing AR companies from Silicon Valley. After receiving fund from China accelerator(China), SOSV(US), Colopl Next(Japan), Bluepoint Partners(Republic of Korea), the company has a team from 7 different countries from the globe and is growing rapidly in mobile AR industry.

Dyverseサービスについて Regarding "Dyverse"

"Dyverse" is a ERC-721 based crypto game service that is built upon AR/VR/3D world. You can enjoy and play with many AR crypto characters using Dyverse!


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