ADB Digital Transformation Journey:
Engaging the Developer Community in Open Innovation

In this disruptive age, organizations like the Asian Development Bank (ADB) have started on their digital transformation journey by kickstarting initiatives that harness innovative digital solutions for development products in the Asia-Pacific Region.   

Crucial to this transformation is ADB reaching out to and meaningfully engaging the private sector, tech startup and developer communities, as well as the academe — through partnerships or crowdsourcing — to enable innovations and out-of-box solutions for the organization. 

On this note, ADB is holding its first-ever hackathon on September 1-2 inside its headquarters in Mandaluyong City and they would like to invite startups, developer communities, the private sector, and students to solve the following challenges:

i) New technologies for digital health information exchange
ii) Digital identity for access to financial services
iii) AI solutions to establish KYC (“Know Your Customer”)

Joining us on Raid The Fridge night to talk about ADB’s digital transformation journey, including the hackathon, will be OZZEIR KHAN, the Director for Technology Strategy and Business Relationships at the Asian Development Bank.

So come over and help us empty our fridge: make new friends, reconnect with old friends, and swap #startupPH stories over beers!

See you,
The Kickstart Team


Asian Development Bank

Ozzeir Khan is the Director of the Office of Business Relationships and IT Strategy (OIRS) within Asian Development Bank’s Office of Information Systems and Technology (OIST).

Mr. Khan, a national of the United States, holds a master’s degree in Finance Management from the University of Baltimore, United States. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Information Systems from the University of Texas, Arlington, United States.

He has over 23 years of experience in gained at the United Nations and global financial banking services sector in Asia, Europe, and the USA. He has worked on technology strategy, software development, governance, large-scale ERP implementations, business and technology alignment and innovation management.

Prior to joining the ADB, he was Chief of Innovation and Business Relationships at United Nations HQ in New York, where he was responsible for developing relationships with departments, vendors, and member states, facilitating public-private sector partnerships and leading innovation labs’ development globally. One of his main achievements in UN was the creation of a Technology Shared Service Center in Asia which not only reduced costs by improving efficiency but also modernized technology products and improved quality of services.

His broad areas of expertise include Technology ERP/CRM Planning and Execution, Technology Stakeholder Management, ICT Strategy, Vision, and Policy Development, ICT Financial and Budget Management, and Technology-based Innovation Management. This may be his first time to work in the Philippines, but he is not new to Asia as he has worked in Bangkok, Thailand for the United Nations for five (5) years.

Roles prior to Asian Development Bank:
Chief, Technology Business Relationships, Technology Innovation Labs | Office of ICT, United Nations
Chief, Technology Global Shared Service Center, Asia-Pacific | United Nations

6:30pm - Registration/doors are opened to guests. Networking over beers kicks-off | 7:50pm - Guests are notified that talks will begin shortly and are encouraged to go indoors where program is held | 8:00pm - Start of program | 9:30pm - End of program and networking resumes | 11:00pm - Networking ends, guests leave the venue.


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