Machine Learning Meetup in English #1


Detail of this Meetup

We will have Machine Learnig Meetup in English.
In meetup, we'll have some sessions for understanding Machine Learning from fundamental level. 

This is the first time for us to have an event in english, so we have some difficulty to lead a meetup.
But we will do our best, so please join us!
We hope you will have a good time!



Self Introduction19:3019:45
After Party 21:4023:00Time for dismissal is free.

Time Table of Meetup

We will have some sessions (presentation and discussion).
One session consists of 20~30min(10min presentation & 10~20min discussion)
Below is themes of sessions (Not all topic have been decided, so topics might be changed)
Reading AlexNet original paper and understanding in original context
Understand inside of scikit-learn ~Read Library Implement Directly~
Partial dependence plot : why does scikit-learn have that only for the gradient boosting?
Linear algebra and dimension reduction


Nishikanda Building 2F 2-7-14 Nishikanda Chiyoda-ku Tokyo

What to bring?

Note & Pen
NotePC (Recommended)

Regular Fee

1,000 YenVenue Fee
 If you will join the after party, It will be additional 1,500Yenfor Drink & Foods

What to prepare?

Don't have to prepare.
But, if you want have some presentation, Please prepare what you want to talk about!


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