Major Differences between Java and C++


Both Java and C are object-oriented languages. But, certainly, this does not make them the same. So, here comes the major differences between Java and C. However, completing assignments of both programming languages can be very tiring. So, taking programming assignment help can be very useful.

In the following lines you can understand the noticeable differences between Java and C++:

Differences between Java and C++:

Object Orientation: Java is a true and complete object-oriented language; whereas C++ is an extension of C with object-oriented behavior.

Template Class: Java does provide template classes, but C++ provides them.

Multiple Inheritance: Java supports multiple inheritances through interfaces;
but C++ achieves it by permitting classes to inherit from other classes.

Global Variables: Global variables can be declared in C++, but not in Java.

Pointers: Java does not support pointers; but C++ supports pointers.

Object Destruction: Java destroys the object in the finalize method, but C++ destroys an object through destructors.

Header Files: Java doesn’t support header files, but C++ supports them.

Structures and Union: Java does not support structures and union, but C++ supports them.

Operator Overloading: Operator Overloading is unsupported in Java, but supported in C++.

Garbage Collection: Java has an automatic garbage collector, whereas, C++ has no GC in its standard library.

Conditional Compilation: Java does not support conditional compilation, but C++ do support it.

Threads: Java has built-in support for threads, but C++ has no such built-in support.

Default Arguments: Java does not support default arguments, but C++ does support them.

Scope Resolution Operator: Java has no scope resolution operator (::), but C++ has it.

Goto: Java has no goto statement, but C++ has it.

Documentation Comment: Java has in-built support for documentation comment (/*/), but C++ does not support it.

Platform Independence: Java is platform independent, but C++ is not.

Importance of Programming assignment help

Programming languages are very practical, to understand them you need to put your entire concentration and practically implement them on your computers. It consumes a lot of your time, and in case you have to study other subjects as well, it becomes practically impossible to write assignments without compromising your studies. In such situations seeking Java Assignment Help (for Java) or for that matter any with other programming language assignments can prove to be a boon.

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The two languages namely Java and C++ are very important languages in computer science. As mentioned above they have a fair share of differences. However, one thing which always remains true is that it requires a lot of efforts to understand these languages. So taking Programming assignment help can be very useful. It can save your precious time and also help you learn certain topics which you may have had problems understanding.


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