Online Workshop | Create your first Amazon Alexa skill with JavaScript

2020/07/29(水)19:00 〜 21:00 開催


IMPORTANT: Make sure you follow the setup instructions that will be sent before the workshop.

Alexa, Amazon's digital assistant, enpowers millions of devices, from smart speakers to smartphones and mobile accessories. Whether it's calling an Uber taxi or turning on your lights, Alexa skills - smart applications that add up functionality - enable it to do pretty much anything a gadget could do via voice.

In this hands-on workshop, you’ll discover how to create your own Alexa Skill with JavaScript in under 2 hours! Join us to learn how to build compelling voice experiences with Maxim Makatchev, an experienced Alexa skill developer.


  • develop your first Amazon Alexa skill
  • build a skill backend using AWS Lambda.
  • submit your skill for publication through the Alexa Developer Console


• This is a 100% online workshop!
• Make sure you download Zoom ( ️
• Basic JavaScript notions
• GitHub account
• Create an AWS account (it’s fast and free!)

About the instructor:

Maxim Makatchev is an engineer and creator of interactive conversational experiences. He worked on social robots, including Scrabble-playing Gamebot Victor and Jibo, and on smart speaker skills for Alexa and Google Home. Currently he is building a business in Japan.

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