English small chat (Frontend)

2020/10/10(土)07:20 〜 08:00 開催


There is a dev version.


*This event will take place if attendees are 2.

Do you want to talk with someone in English?

This is a casual event for people who want to talk about frontend in English.

Might be suitable for...

  • a frontend learner(JavaScript / HTML / CSS etc)
  • a developer/engineer wants to talk with someone
  • a developer/engineer wants to practice LT in advance
  • a developer/engineer wants to practice English

Please RSVP if you are interested in

An example of topics

Please be ready for something small topic.

What kind of topic is OK!

  • ○○○ API is useful
  • ○○○ tips for collecting data
  • ○○○ interesting library found recently etc...

Time schedule

7:20 a.m - start & introduce ourselves(1-2 min each)

7:30 a.m - share and talk about each topic brought by attendees related with frontend(3-4 min each)

8:00 a.m - end

The number of attendees

2 by lottery

*The attendees who turn a camera on will be prioritized.

The venue

zoom (The link will be sent by email the day before)


  • Please your cameras ON for the smooth communication. If not, the organizer would turn the camera OFF. (Sorry, the organizer is an introvert person and English level might be intermediate. Sometimes might ask you say again)
  • The code of conduct is in the group page


The organizer is currently creating a small Chrome extension by using React while learning JavaScript by oneself.

About this group

To share knowledge with someone makes us memorize things better.

This group was created for the organizer to learn JavaScript / React and English more efficiently.dev


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