Database Sharding vs. Distributed Database



Listen to the tech leaders on how the distributed relational database can completely replace sharding. What are their advantages and weaknesses?

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12:30 ~ 13:00 How We Build Scalable Distributed Relational Database TiDB? Li Shen, VP Engineering | PingCAP

13:00 ~ 13:20 TiDB Customer Story Dave McPherson, Engineering Manager | Square Karel Alfonso, Software Engineer | Square

13:20 ~ 14:00 Fireside Chat: Sharding or Distributed Database, What’s Your Choice?

Panelists: Manoj Awasthi, VP of Engineering | Tokopedia Jinru He, Head of Infrastructure | SHAREit Li Shen, VP Engineering | PingCAP

Moderator: Neil Han, TUG(TiDB User Group) APAC Ambassador

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About TiDB TiDB is an open-source cloud-native distributed SQL database that handles hybrid transactional and analytical processing (HTAP) workloads–a member of the NewSQL class of databases reinventing how a relational database can be designed, built, and deployed at a massive scale.


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