English Night #11


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What is English Night?


  • 1 Hour long English event for software developers.
  • 2 lightning talks of any dev-related topics. You can check the past topic from down below.

⏰ timetable

time session speaker
20:00 Zoom Open -
20:05 Opening -
20:10 Solo Bibliobattle szskr
20:25 Why don't you work on a Personal Project?? choo_s
20:35 After Party @Zoom
21:00 End

LT #1 Solo Bibliobattle


I am a computer programmer at a small software house. When I was in college, I dropped out from math. Now I enjoy reading math books as a hobby. I also like playing poker games.

LT #2 Why don't you work on a Personal Project??


I'm a software engineer working for a web service company. I'm into my personal private projects recently. My favorite technical topics are React / Python / competitive programming. In this event, I'm going to talk about some recommendations for "Personal Projects" that are aside from the main job.

Code of Conduct

We do not accept any harassment or any inappropriate acts affecting our community members. Please check out our code of conduct for more details. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me @smtrdev or official @gaogaoasia


Past events

English Night #10

  • How did I rebuild dev team on remote work ?
  • Introduction to Wear OS

English Night 9: May 2021!

  • Wireless Debugging on Flutter Apps Development
  • Having fun with three.js

English Night 8: Let's Flutter!


English Night 7 ~English tech meetup~

  • Use cases of Firebase Cloud Functions
  • TBD

English Night 6 ~Frontend Night!~

  • Running React apps on the Edge with Flareact and Cloudflare
  • How to setup AWS Amplify in a new Vue project

English Night vol.5 ~Forget Japanese~

  • Introducing static code analysis into our project have made code reviews more efficient.
  • How to do effective pair programming with junior engineers
  • Have fun writing Web Application with Next.js!

English Night vol.4: DDD night

  • Beginner’s guide to Flutter with DDD
  • My journey into DDD

English Night vol.3 by GAOGAO

  • How to explain JavaScript Objects
  • Cross-dressing
  • How is the Tech Event Platform in the UK?
  • Admin panel challenges with Node.js

English Night vol.2 by GAOGAO

  • New Era Development Machine.
  • The tips of small talk
  • Development is So Difficult! =)
  • React Native for React Developer
  • How is engineer's working environment in South East Asia
  • Automated Build And Deploy From Github Actions

Egnlish Night by GAOGAO

  • my lifehack
  • my secret weapon
  • About OSS
  • Best cities for remote working.
  • Introduction to flutter for beginners
  • How I work with global team
  • Tools that improved our developer experience

✉ Organizer


GAOGAO, a startup studio based in Southeast Asia.

Yutaro Shimamura

Software Developer at GAOGAO. Working on several startup projects using AWS/Laravel/React. Recently into Flutter.


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