Learn Functional Programming in TypeScript JS - Online Workshop


Functional Programming (FP) empowers programmers to write imperative code intuitively. However the original learning curve can be steep and there are few resources demonstrating the concepts of FP in a fun and straightforward way.

In this presentation, our guest speaker Bing Wang will use stories and illustrations of elves working on a streamlined gift station to teach users basic concepts in FP and how to use types and methods from ts-fp, a library for typed functional programming in TypeScript. The audience will be provided with hands-on examples which transform a simple JavaScript app from Object-Oriented to Functional. In addition, Bing will present the audience an easier route for web developers to learn FP based on my own experience.

Who is this talk best suited for?

Front-End Engineers who want to learn about Functional Programming and explore patterns other than object oriented programming.


Prior knowledge of JavaScript and TypeScript would be helpful but anyone is welcome.

Speaker bio

Bing Wang is a front-end engineer at the edTech company DMM Eikaiwa in Tokyo. Having studied Computer Science at UChicago and Psychology at Harvard, she has a combined background in technology and social science. She is passionate about promoting CS education to a wider audience and volunteers with organizations like Citizen Schools to teach kids and adults concepts in CS.

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