2014/10/04(土) 15:00 開催

LakiBini 2.0 - Saturday (4th Oct. 2014)


日 時: 2014/10/04(土) 15:00 〜 21:30
会 場: Goodman Arts Centre
住 所: 90 Goodman Road, Singapore 439053
申込先: Peatix


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The beauty of a relationship is how real and honest it is. LakiBini 2.0 aims to explore the honesty in all aspects a marriage should be. No manual is needed for men to bring the ninja out of their wives and are men real men behind closed doors?

Thread the world of Ira and Zali as they live their lives, in all honesty that breaks every barrier a man and wife should be, yet hold each other closely; bound by the beauty of all their past mistakes.

Cast - Ainon Talib, Den Sabari & Farez Najid.


Thursday - 8pm

Friday - 8pm

Saturday - 3pm & 8pm

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* Performance will be in Malay and English language

**With English surtitles

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