BIJ & 'Tomorrow's Leaders' Diversity Event


Experts speaking on Diversity, a vital business topic for Japan to remain a global superpower at this Annual World-Wide MBA Networking Event, open to all business people to meet VIPs (C-level and HR execs), expert speakers and MBAs from around the world.

Executive Director Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Services at Ernst & Young, Janelle Reiko Sasaki will share her expert insight on how we make the implimentation of the Diversity Inclusion happen. She advises global clients on designing Japan D&I strategies and solutions to create an inclusive culture. Served as the Inclusion & Diversity Leader for Cisco Systems Japan G.K. , launched and led company wide Inclusion & Diversity. In2013, Cisco Japan won the Bridge Builder Award of the Global Organization for Leadership & Diversity (GOLD). She will be sharing how to create an inclusion road map to include the right culture and welcome diverse people into the work group.

Our events are specifically designed to give you something valuable to walk away with and bring to your organization. Youll gain the hard earned insight on an essential topic for any organization in Japan and how it is implemented, the ability to share your views with others in our activity and be able to network at what some are already calling the high caliber MBA event of the year.

There will be two drinks included, the networking activity, the chance to make some great business connections and the chance to forge new friendships at this high caliber event.

Event is due to sell out
Please do register with link below. We only have space for 300 and, BiJ and globalaccessmedia working together on this event there is bound to be far more than that wanting to attend.

Very special thanks to our promotion partners, GloW (Globis Women) and and "Women in HR Advocacy" of the Japan HR Society.

Looking forward to having you at this valuable event.

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