Scala Meetup 144th in HONGO



This "rpscala" has the longest history among Scala Meetup in Japan.
Ordinary, we hold "rpscala" every other week in Geisha Tokyo Entertainment, Inc. in Hongo.


  • 5 minutes from Hongo sancho-me station (The Marunouchi Line or The Oedo Line) by foot
  • 5 minutes from Kasuga station (The Mita Line) by foot
  • 10 minutes from Korakuen station (The Namboku Line) by foot


  • Open at 19:45
  • Start at 20:00
  • End at around 22:00




Twitter #: #rpscala
Twitter account: @shibuyascala



Gitter chat room



Here is the Google Street Map of the venue, Hongo MK Building.,139.7574856,3a,75y,221.65h,90.91t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sYJBEoTB83ZQKcTnMpwOhKw!2e0!6m1!1e1

Wifi and Electrical Supply are provided. No prohibition of any drink or food on the venue.

Before 19:00, no worries. You can enter the building from main door.

After 19:00, you'll need a bit complicated procedure to enter due to the building security reason.
You need to go the back door at parking area of building on right side of buliding. And then:
1. Pushing "2" "0" "1" and "呼び出し(call)" button on the intercom- arrow in this picture is tne "呼び出し(Call)" button.
2. Please ask to unlock door by saying """Scala Benkyo-kai desu (this means "I'm an attendee of Scala Meetup.")"""
3. Then the door will be unlocked!
4. You'll take an elevator to 2nd floor and enter the Geisha Tokyo Entertainment, Inc Office.

You can also ask any help to twitter hash tag #rpscala if needed. An organizer or an attendee may pick you up.


Time Content Presenter
20:00-20:05 Self introduction All attendees
20:05-20:30 Q&A for Scala Beginners Anyone
20:30-22:00 Any talk about Scala is welcome!!

Again, any kind of participation is extremely WELCOME!!

Why not go drinking?

Some of participants (50% ~ 120%! of them) usually go drinking just after the meetup at はなの舞(Hana-no-mai, Japanese casual restraunt).
In fact, You can join only this drinking party (that's why 120% of participants go drinking together.).

はなの舞(Hana-no-mai, Japanese casual restraunt)


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