Work.Grow.Play.Repeat. Nurturing engaged and empowered employees


Long gone are the days where the ‘yes man’ reigns over company culture! Leaders today yearn for highly engaged workforce empowered to ask questions, challenge status quo and take ownership in chartering a company’s success.

Think Google or Facebook. These companies move employees beyond conventional work scope. They don’t just hire staffs, they recruit people, develop talents and reward achieving members of the organization.

How do you introduce and nurture such culture? Does it only work in tech companies or is it also applicable to conventional businesses?

RISE Talks April features local enterprise heroes and we will be finding out how their company's culture and values are practiced and more importantly, how it impacts their business.

Local enterprise heroes of the evening:

Adnan Lee (Managing Director of MBG)

Derek Toh (Co-founder of

Maverick Ling (Co-founder of 57 Square)

Where and when:

Date: 21 April 2015 (Tue.)

Time: 7.30pm - 10.00pm

Venue: Dewan Mahkota, Level 5, Block B, Platinum Sentral, SME Corp. Malaysia

Google map link for directions:

Event Agenda

7.30pm - 8.00pm Registration & mingle

8.00pm - 8.25pm Opening & topic insights

8.25pm - 9.25pm Panel discussion

9.25pm - 9.55pm Q&A

9.55pm - 10.00pm Appreciation round & wrap up

What’s RISE Talks about?

RISE Talks gathers people interested in entrepreneurship over an evening of learning and inspiration. Each gathering features:

  • Local enterprise heroes - Successful entrepreneurs who have made it in their different industries will come and share their amazing stories and experiences.

At RISE, we’d like to foster a culture of giving before receiving. Do you have an opportunity you would like to share? Post it up our Give & Take Board and let other attendees respond!
Dewan Mahkota, SME Corp Malaysia
Level 5, Block B, SME Corp. Malaysia Platinum Sentral, Jalan Stesen Sentral 2, Kuala Lumpur Sentral, Kuala Lumpur



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