Talk: "Rethinking Critical Art and Its Efficacy" 讲座《关于批判艺术的几个新思维》


从两部当代剧作谈起:一部是The Beauty Queen of Leenane,来自英国/爱尔兰,写于1996,另一部是August: Osage County,来自美国,写于2013。以这两部为引,讨论近二十年来西方戏剧的「惨烈风」,以及它与当代政治、文化情境之间的关系:当人文主义业已破产,而我们正一步步陷入人道主义的泥沼里,这意味什么?而,在如此保守的年代,戏剧的批判性从何而来?


From two contemporary plays – the Irish play The Beauty Queen of Leenane written in 1996 and the American play August: Osage County written in 2013, this talk discusses the “tragic style” of Western drama in the past two decades, and its relation with contemporary political and cultural context: when humanism has become insolvent, and we are bogged down by humanitarianism, what does this imply? And, in this conservative age, where does the critical edge of drama come from?

The Talk is conducted in Mandarin

关于纪蔚然About Wei-Jan Chi:


Wei-Jan Chi is a renowned playwright from Taiwan and a recipient of the 17th National Award for Arts (2013). He has written many scripts for theatre and is currently a lecturer at the Department of Drama and Theatre, National Taiwan University. He has published a novel titled Private Eyes.


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