Frontrend Extend - Origami


Name Frontrend Extend - origami -
Date Thursday May 1st, 20:00 - 21:45 (Open 19:30)
Venue Shibuya Markcity 17F Seminar Room
Theme Origami
Sheating 50
Speaker Andrew Betts (FT Labs)
Orginizer CyberAgent, Inc.
Pricing Free
Tag #frontrend

Components and modules for front end sanity at scale

We seem to keep learning the same lesson about monolithic things being bad, and modular things being good. It's time to learn that lesson for web UI. With web components on the horizon, at the FT we set out to completely redesign our strategy for developing websites. Totally modular, with the strength of package management, strict versioning and standard build processes at its core, we're building with ultimate flexibility in mind. We can no longer afford to build complex pieces of UI for only one website, as the number of web products also increases (we have 600 domains) we need to spend less time on each one and yet increase performance and improve user experience across the board. Our answer is a standard called Origami, which we're working on in public.
Come and hear about it!

Andrew Betts @triblondon

Andrew is a PHP and JavaScript developer and director of the Financial Times' Labs division, which works on experimental web technologies and produces products such as the FT web app. Prior to FT Labs, Andrew founded the web consulting firm Assanka, which spent 8 years working on innovative web projects for clients including News International, The Economist Group and the FT, before being acquired by the FT in January 2012.

80人 /定員80人
CyberAgent, Inc. 17th Floor Seminar Room
17th floor, Shibuya markcity West 1-12-1 Dogenzaka Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo




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