Play 2.4 ソースコードリーディング


Play 2.3 からの差分を中心に Play 2.4 のソースコードを読みます。

  • Dependency injection out of the box.
  • Testing is easier thanks to better support for mocking.
  • It is now straightforward to embed Play in your application.
  • You can now aggregate reverse routers from multiple projects.
  • More Java 8 integration—Java 8 is now required.
  • Choice of standard project layout.
  • Many new anorm features. Anorm is now its own project!
  • Upgraded to Ebean 4. Play-Ebean is (also) its own project!
  • HikariCP is the default connection pool
  • WS supports Server Name Identification (SNI).
  • Simplified Logback configuration.
  • Play’s bytecode enhancement has been separated out into its own project.


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