PyLadies Kyoto Meetup #2


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PyLadies Kyotoとは?

PyLadies Kyotoは,PyLadiesの日本支部の一つです.2014年9月に発足したPyLadies Tokyoに引き続き,PyCon JP 2015にて日本2つ目の支部として発足しました.
私たちの活動目的は,女性Pythonista (Pythonユーザ) の輪を広げることです!初心者/熟練者を問わず全ての女性Pythonistaの参加をお待ちしています!

PyLadies Kyoto Meetup #2

PyLadies Kyoto Meetup #2を開催します!今回はPython初心者の女性を対象に,入出力や, 条件分岐などのプログラミングの基本を学びながら,簡単なゲームを作ってみます.


  • ノートパソコン(必須)

  • ノートパソコンのチャージャー (可能であれば)

  • お菓子代として200円いただきます

  • アカウントをお持ちでない方は予め、Cloud9に登録してください(



What is PyLadies Kyoto?

PyLadies Kyoto is one of the Japanese chapters of PyLadies, who are a group trying to connect women Pythonista (= Python users). After starting up PyLadies Tokyo in September 2014, we started a new chapter in Kyoto during PyCon JP 2015. It doesn't matter whether you are an expert or a beginner, please feel free to join us at our meetup.

PyLadies Kyoto Meetup #2

This time, we are planning to build a small game while studying the basics of Python programming.

What to bring:

  • A laptop (this is a must)

  • A laptop charger (if possible)

  • 200 yen for snacks and drinks

  • Please make yourself a Cloud9 account in advance at

The Motivation Behind Our Workshops:

As women and as Python programmers, our group members love to meet other ladies with very similar interest. Through these workshops, our primary goal is to inspire lots of women, with no prior experience in programming, to start coding in Python. In addition, by bringing tutors / experts to the workshop, we want to create an environment where learning and sharing of knowledge can happen at the same time. There are various reasons of why we are doing this with Python. Not just Python is one of the most widely used high-level programming languages, its simplicity very much helps beginners to understand the basic concepts of programming. This is our honest endeavour to bring Python and Programming in your respective lives by the means of these workshops.


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