Wakame Users Group #005


This meeting will include a technical presentation followed by a nomikai.


During this meeting we will talk about Wakame-vdc's and OpenVNet's dynamic scalable firewall functionality aka Security Groups. Security Groups allow you to block traffic between separate groups of interfaces while only opening specific udp/tcp ports.

Topic will include:

  • Wakame-vdc's security groups using Linux Netfilter (iptables, ebtables)
  • OpenVNet's security groups using OpenFlow
  • How we built a stateful firewall using stateless OpenFlow


A machine image is available by the following URL.

Our focus

Our focus and interests lie in these areas:

  • Data Center Virtualization Technology
  • IaaS
  • Virtual Networks
    • OpenFlow 1.3
    • Open vSwitch 1.10 (OVS)
    • Trema-Edge
    • GRE Tunnel
  • Virtual Storage
    • Indelible FS
  • Ruby

If you are interested in these technologies too, and if you want to contribute your skill sets to a group that wants to help empower your future, or if you just want to be around people who are, we definitely hope that you will join us!


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