2016/11/10(木) 19:00 開催
東京都 代官山

2nd Consciousness Club at DG Lab


日 時: 2016/11/10(木) 19:00 〜 22:00
会 場: 株式会社デジタルガレージ
住 所: 東京都渋谷区恵比寿南3-5-7 (デジタルゲートビル 9階)
定員数: 50人/定員200人
申込先: connpass



"Artificial Life and Generative Noise"

Creativity is a great capability of human beings, which is thought as the unique advantage compared with artificial intelligence. On the other hand, we have been exploring new algorithms and equations to generate novelties spontaneously, ranging from the game of life to the recent deep learning techniques. Generative methods have been explored in both non-linear sciences and contemporary art activities (i.e. sound arts, in particular). Reviewing my previous science and art works, I would like to discuss on a new generative method found in my recent android experiment.


時間 内容
18:30-19:00 入場
19:00-19:05 挨拶、諸注意、DG Lab紹介
19:05-19:15 About Consciousness Club
19:15-20:20 Speech "Artificial Life and Generative Noise"
20:20-21:00 Q&A, Discussion

Presenter Profile

Takashi Ikegami

He is a professor in the Department of General Systems Sciences at the University of Tokyo. His works encompasses both the arts and sciences and deal with complex systems and artificial life, a field which aims to understand brain and evolution by a constructive approach. Some of his works have been published in ”Life Emerges in Motion” from Seido Book Publishers in 2007. He most frequently attends the International Conference on Artificial Life, and gave the keynote address at the 20th Anniversary of Artificial Life conference in Winchester, UK. He is also a member and the editorial boards of Artificial Life, Adaptive Behaviors, and BioSystems.

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当イベントの事務局はDG Labが運営しています。

About Consciousness Club

Consciousness Club is a Tokyo-based study group founded by Ryota Kanai to encourage transdisciplinary discussions on the neural and computational bases of consciousness. Discussion in this group covers a wide range of topics including philosophy, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, complex systems, computer science, and robotics. Over the past year, meetings have been held weekly in academic institutes such as The University of Tokyo and Earth-Life Science Institute at Tokyo Tech. We are now interested in extending the scope of the audience to facilitate discourse between academia and industry to work towards the development of artificial general intelligence and machine consciousness.

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