Tokyo Startup Pitch Night #11

参加枠申込形式参加費 参加者
先着順 1,000円
5人 / 定員80人


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Welcome to Tokyo Startup Pitch Night hosted by Tokyo Tech Startups. As always, we want to give an opportunity for early-stage startups to present their product, service or business ideas to get an opportunity to get feedback on their business ideas, raise awareness, seek talent and ask for help to grow their product. We allot the second half of the event to networking to allow members to discover cutting edge products, mingle with talented individuals, and even stumble upon their next career opportunity.


時間 内容
19:10〜 受付開始
19:30〜19:40 オープニング
19:40〜20:30 プレゼンテーション
20:30〜21:30 ネットワーキング
21:30〜 クロージング

※ 当日予告なく時間配分・内容が変更になる可能性がございます。


1.Walter Wang Yue ーFounder @ PopulStay

2.A B SIDDIKYーFounder @UniTwo

3.Yoshiaki TokuyamaーFounder @ Migidonari Co., Ltd.

4.Devan Worrell -Founder @ Popcorn

For further information, please refer to:


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※ Wine and refreshments will be provide!


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the event organizer through Facebook or email