【無料】【デザイナー&エンジニア必見】From Sketch to Xcode - with Meng To Founder @ Design + Code

【無料】【デザイナー&エンジニア必見】From Sketch to Xcode - with Meng To Founder @ Design + Code

先着順 無料 6人 / 定員50人


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From Sketch to Xcode

Top 3 design lessons every developers and designers should know for making a beautiful app


Welcome to Tokyo Tech Startups. As always, we want to give an opportunity for early-stage startups to present their product, service or business ideas to get an opportunity to get feedback on their business ideas, raise awareness, seek talent and ask for help to grow their product. We allot the second half of the event to networking to allow members to discover cutting edge products, mingle with talented individuals, and even stumble upon their next career opportunity.

This time, we invited a special guest from Canada, who will share with us his knowledge and insights about design, application development as well as his personal story of becoming a self-funded startup entrepreneur.

About the Speaker

Meng started off his career as a self-taught designer from Montreal and eventually traveled around the world for 2 years as his US VISA was denied. During his travels, he wrote a book which now has 29,000 readers. Now he is running a self-funded startup based on the book with a team of 8.

For Whom

・Developers who think themselves have no gift in design

・Designers who think themselves are not able to code

・Entrepreneurs who want to know how to build a product people love

・Everyone who are one the way of pursuing for their dreams

Entry Fee


But you are more than welcome to show your support to the community by donation


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Who we are

We are a group of entrepreneurs/engineers who have a strong interest in tech and startups. We share a common goal to grow and serve Tokyo’s tech and startup ecosystem.

Our meetup events are held in English as an initiative to be globally understood. We encourage all level of english speakers to attend.

New to TTS?

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6人 / 定員50人
株式会社FiNC 7階 スタジオ
東京都 千代田区有楽町1丁目12−1 新有楽町ビル 7階 スタジオ



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