Visualize Your Facebook Data Using D3.js

2018/05/24(木)19:00 〜 21:30 開催


Over the next few weeks, Code Chrysalis' fourth cohort is giving presentations on their topics of expertise--we can't wait to see you there!


With growing concerns about data privacy, Facebook is in the news almost everyday. Just how much data do they have on each of us and how can we see what it is? Data-Driven Documents give us an easy way to turn a dataset into a clear visualization.


After living and working across the United States, Mike and his family moved to Tokyo in 2015 where he has been working remotely as a database consultant. An experienced and innovative programmer, he has professionally worked with database development, SQL, and AWS Redshift. Mike is currently a student at the Code Chrysalis Software engineering Immersive add Full Stack developer to his list of skills.


【7:15】:Quick Introductions and one question - Are you on Facebook? 【7:30 - 7:45】:Presentation on Facebook and D3.js 【7:45 - 8:45】:Workshop on your own Facebook Data 【8:45 - 9:30】:Network

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