WebHack#21 x Indeed: Elm at large & Data Analytics



Tech Meetup WebHack would like to express the special thanks of gratitude to Indeed Inc. who provides the wonderful venue, food and drinks!

Introduction to WebHack #21

We will bring the trending front-end language Elm and Data science, with free wifi, food and drinks!

Slides would be available online right before the meetup, so it’s not the worst idea to bring your laptop.

Talk 1: Elm at large (companies)

  • First Half: Functional Programming and Elm introduction
  • Second Half: Elm at large (companies), a Conference talk of Oslo Elm Day 2019


This talk includes many aspects of the Elm, the trending functional frontend programming language, from the basics to practices.

First, the speaker will briefly introduce the Elm language, including the basic idea of functional programming.

Then, we'll have an advanced topic of Elm. The speaker will share the story of re-thinking front-end introducing Elm in Rakuten. He'll showcase how he created a front-end environment without HTML/CSS/Javascript and share some of the tools built along the way.

This talk is the extended version of a conference talk in Oslo Elm Day 2019.

Elm is a pure functional language that compiles to Javascript, "A delightful language for reliable webapps". For more information: https://elm-lang.org/ or WebHack#18 Aiming at Reliable & Performant Web.


Luca Mugnaini is an engineer at Rakuten with a recent passion for Functional Programming. Originally from Italy, now living in Tokyo for several years.

Talk 2: Gaining New Insight into Online Customer Behaviors using AI

Towards Reaching Zero Customer Dissatisfaction.


Dr. CONVOLBO has built a platform called “The Rakuten PathFinder”. This tool empowers product stakeholders such as PDMs, Managers and Test Engineers to focus on specific struggles along the users’ journeys to improve their products and measure the business impact.

Last month, he was one of the invited speakers at the IBM THINK-2019 conference in San Francisco, which has attracted lots of attention from the industry. That’s why we invited him to share this experience in this month’s talk.



Dr. Wendkuuni Moise CONVOLBO is a Research Scientist in Rakuten. He has had a long experience working with data, Cloud Computing and data analytics on Geo-distributed datacenters. He’s always been fascinated by what comes next, in terms of utilizing data from strategic data-informed business decisions perspective. His recent work consists of harnessing the potential of the customers’ journey data with machine learning towards reaching “Zero customer dissatisfaction”.




Time Session
19:20 Registration
19:30 Food
19:35 Talk by Luca
20:15 Talk by Moise
20:55 Mingling and Networking with drinks
21:30 Good night


  • Transportation
    • Meguro Station
  • Registration
    • Indeed Meguro Office 10F
  • Contact
    • Mr. Paipo (mobile: 08084951823, email: donaldduck518@gmail.com)


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