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Intellipaat Machine Learning course in India will help you be a master in the concepts and techniques of Machine Learning with Python, which include ML algorithms, supervised and unsupervised learning, probability, statistics, decision tree, random forest, linear and logistic regression through real-world hands-on projects. Get the best online machine learning course training in India from top data scientists.

What will you learn in this best Machine Learning training course?

Fundamentals of using data to train machines

Principle Component Analysis for data modeling

Logistic regression for classifying data using Python

Support Vector Machine algorithms

Designing of a Machine Learning system

Representation of an artificial neural network

Linear regression with multiple variables using Python

Who should take up this Machine Learning Course with Python?

Analytics Professionals

Data Science Professionals

E-commerce Professionals

Search Engine Professionals

Software Professionals looking for a career switch

Fresh graduates

Enroll for the best Machine Learning Course in India. In this Machine Learning training certification course with Python get ✓ job placement ✓ 24*7 support ✓ 4 Projects.

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