Frontend Tech Talk 〜 Quality of Merpay Frontend 〜


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Event Description

Merpay Frontend Tech Talk は、毎回 Frontend に関連する技術に興味のあるエンジニアたちが集まり、知見を共有しあうことを目的とした勉強会です。今回のテーマは、【Frontendの品質】です!
Merpay Frontend Tech Talk is an event for engineers who are interested in technologies related to Frontend to gather and share their knowledge. This time, the theme is "Quality for Frontend"!

対象者 / To whom

  • Frontend Engineers
  • Frontend の品質に興味がある方 / For those who are interested in Frontend Quality
  • FinTech 企業で働いている方 / People working in FinTech companies


時間 内容
19:30-19:35 Opening
19:35-20:15 Presentation x4
what we do for quality as Merpay Frontend by naughtLdy 【日本語】
performance improvement strategy by toshick 【日本語】
Building a Testing Culture by wilson 【English】
Automation Strategies for Baseline Accessibility by dwj 【English】
20:15-20:25 QA time / Free talk 【日本語 & English】
20:25-20:30 Ending

Speakers Profiles

naughtldy / Sugiura … Merpay Frontend Engineering Manager


toshick … Merpay Frontend Engineer


Wilson Lau … Merpay Frontend Engineer

カナダ出身。2020年に Frontend Engineer としてメルペイに入社。メルペイの加盟店、カスタマーサポートツール、パートナーサイト、新規加盟店申請プロセスなどの開発を担当。現在は、メルペイ社内の Frontend Testing の改善を推進しています。

Originally from Canada, I joined Merpay in the beginning of 2020 as a frontend engineer. Since then, I've worked across a number of Merpay's web products - including our internal merchant and customer Support tools, our Merpay partner site, and new merchant application process. Currently, I'm leading the push for better frontend testing within Merpay, and hopefully beyond!

Solazzi Marco … Merpay Frontend Engineer

I am a Frontend Engineer with a passion for UI development and accessibility.

Registration & Access

This meetup will be lived online on YouTube. Please complete your registration on this page before the event.

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注意事項 / Cautions

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