Microcontroller Mania!

2023/02/10(金)19:00 〜 21:00 開催


What is a microcontroller?

Microcontrollers are tiny computers that you can use to build hundreds of hardware projects.

Some of examples of things you could (eventually) make:

  • A MIDI instrument
  • An internet connected sensor
  • An LED decoration
  • A remote control car

Come learn about different types of microcontroller including Arudino, Raspberry Pi Pico, ESP32, ATTiny85. Learn how to get started writing your first program for a microcontroller and how to avoid some of the common problems.

What will I learn?

You will learn about different types of microcontrollers and the basics of building hobby projects with them. We will focus on the Raspbery Pi Pico as it is cheaply available everywhere and can be programmed using MicroPython.

Who is this for?

Everyone is welcome. No experience of microcontrollers or hardware is necessary! We will begin from the very basics. Some experience with basic programming will definitely help, but microcontroller programs can be very simple.

What should I bring?

A computer or tablet will be helpful for researching, taking notes and following along. If you have a microcontroller or other hardware then feel free to bring it along.


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