All we composers really have to work with is time and sound
- and sometimes I'm not even sure about sound. - Morton Feldman

Friday the 13th vol.2

An evening of experimental and improvised music/dance/visuals that will terrorize you.


- TIM BLECHMANN, from Germany/Austria, a Findars in residency artist. He attended various scientific and artistic universities and has a degree in both fields. As researcher, he has published in the field between arts and sciences, though he prefers to keep his research and artistic work separate, as research is for the brain and arts is for the heart. He played a lot of improvised music, loud and quiet, on festivals, in clubs, churches or living rooms, sometimes with audience, sometimes without, sometimes in Europe, sometimes abroad, sometimes solo, sometimes in duos, as he considers this as the most direct and intimate musical encounter. always using free software, often his own. He also collaborated with like-minded artists, working with installations or abstract animations. His compositions are sometimes completely digital, sometimes involving analog material. Most of his works are self-published on his website or his net-label moka bar. He always has a strange feeling when writing about himself in the third person and usually prefers that people listen to his music instead of reading his biography. therefore he keeps it as boring as possible, but encourages people to listen to his music unbiased in a concentrated, preferably dark environment in order to completely focus on listening.

- YONG YANDSEN, an improvised saxophonist. He has played at the Kuala Lumpur Contemporary Music Festival, Mosaic Festival Singapore, Choppa Eclectic Improvised Music Festival, Turn Around Free Jazz & Improvisation Festival amongst others. Yandsen has collaborated with musicians such as Goh Lee Kwang, Ng Chor-Guan, Thierry Monnier, Uchihashi Kazuhisa, Damo Suzuki, Darren Moore, Brian O’ Reily and more. Yandsen's debut LP of solo saxophone improvisation was released by Doubtful Sound (France) in 2013. Yandsen, together with Moore and O'Reily have formed an improvised trio called Game of Patience and have toured to Singapore, Sri Lanka and Thailand. The trio has recently tour Japan in June 2014.

- REN XIN, danced with T.H.E. Dance Company in Singapore, LeeSaar The Company in NYC, and DPAC Dance Company in Malaysia. Her own works have been presented in MyDance Festival, National University of Singapore Arts Festival, The Esplanade da:ns festival, and International Young Choreographers Project in Taiwan. She has performed with Ng Chor Guan in MUSIC=DANCE improvisation, and presented her Two Minute Solo curated by Marion De Cruz of Five Arts Center. Most recently, Ren Xin presented her movement theatre piece B.E.D. at DPAC, and then collaborated with Japanese dancer Miwa Okuno on a new choreography at T.H.E. Contact festival in Singapore and d'MOTION festival.

- WONG ENG LEONG, a visual artist based in Kuala Lumpur. He graduated from Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA), Diploma in Fine Art. He is also founding member of artist collective Findars, an independent art space that encourage young artists to explore and collaborate with different others artists from different field. He is now works with video arts and performance arts.

Date & time: March 13th, 2015, 9PM
Venue: Findars, 4th Floor, No.8, Jalan Panggong, KL


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