NUYUY™ Raspberrypi 2 WORKSHOP 28 MARCH


In this competitive world of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), there is no reason to restrain our future generation to explore its unlimited and uncharted opportunities. Computer programming is of paramount importance in order to be a leader in this arena. Without a driving force in this arena, youth would retain being an end user towards ICT and technology; never a developer or maker of one.

Under this initiative, we are conducting a NUYUY™ workshop. Attendees of all ages are welcome to participate in our workshop. Attendees will explore Raspberry Pi & computer programming using the Python Language. Further, attendees will also have three (3) exciting projects to work on individually.

Workshop details are listed below :-

NUYUY™ Workshop Layout

Part 1: Introduction

· What is Raspberry Pi
· What will be covered in this tutorial
· Tutorial Outcome
· Connecting Raspberry Pi and Power up
· Raspbian OS introduction

Part 2: Basic Linux
· Basic Linux commands
· Using Terminal
· Understand SUDO
· Installing and updating software

Part 3: Programming with Python
· Intro (IDLE)
· Hello World example
· Using Text editor to write Python
· Getting user input
· Using conditionals
· Time function
· Loop in Python
· Using Variable
· Operator in Python
· Function in Python

Part 4: Using GPIO
· Intro
· GPIO Leaf Diagram
· Electronic basic
· Using Python to control GPIO
· 1st Project : Creating the LED Blink
· 2nd Project : Controlling 7 segment Display
· 3rd Project : Using Light Sensor with GPIO

Date: 28th March 2015 (Saturday)

9.00am - 1.00pm (Session 1 - Introduction & project 1)
1.00pm - 2.00pm (Lunch)
2.00pm - 4.00pm (Session 2 - Project 2 & 3)


  1. Workshop = RM150.00
  2. Workshop + Bundle (Raspberry Pi 2 + 8GB SD Card + NUYUY™ Casing = RM350.00 [ Actual price RM400.00= RM 250 (Raspberrypi 2 kit Bundle) + RM 150 (Workshop) (Save RM50.00)]
  3. Workshop + NUYUY™ PROJECT KIT = RM500.00 [Actual price RM600.00 = RM450 (Nuyuy Kit) + RM 150 (Workshop) Save RM100.00]

  • +60378867876 (NUYUY™ HQ)
  • +601128623121 (NUYUY™ TEAM)
Educator: Amirul Mohamad
Amirul is one of the educators on the NUYUY Team who graduated from Universiti Sains Malaysia with a focus in developing High Performance Computing (HPC). He is currently working at MIMOS Berhad as a Software Engineer.

Even before joining the NUYUY Team, Amirul has had many years of experience of teaching people both young and old about computer programming. He has a special interest in the Python Programming Language and loves to work on projects with Raspberry Pis. He is passionate in sharing his knowledge with those who are willing to learn. Know him more during the workshop!

Sadly, we only have twenty (20) limited slots available. First come first serve basis. Grab your slot(s) now. *REMINDER: BRING YOUR OWN LAPTOP*

Light refreshments will be server during lunch- Sorry our Raspberries are not to be consumed! =)

Hope to see you soon and NUYUY-on everyone!


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