2015/05/29(金)20:00 〜 2015/05/30(土)21:00 開催


Come down for a play this May!

Home Productions is very happy to be collaborating with TEN SQUARE to present to you JONAH, a self-written piece by home productions.

Jonah, a play written by Riccardo and Praveena Cartelli is inspired off the story of Jonah,where Jonah's character runs away from what he was called to and then ends up getting swallowed by a fish whole, and then later found alive. Home Productions's version uses it as a platform to interpret, investigate and to interrogate the mind's capacity and ability to believe in the unbelievable.

It readily tackles the successful man and his need for escape and the want to hide.

The story bounces primarily between two characters, Nora and Mark. Nora, a young and very successful psycologist that tackles Mark Mahelik's case. Having been the biggest fan of cause and effect, Nora seems to continually bump heads with Mark's insane ideas of what happened to him.

As they continually rub each other the wrong way, Mark penetrates her factual mind with a weakness of her own, only to uncover to the audience that insanity might just be another way of calling sanity in a world way we all create our own realities.

" We've tried to let our hearts wander and our minds do the writing. There are twists there are turns. But at the bottom of it all, it has real characters. Well, at least in our minds. So do come down and lend us your support. In the end,

Que Sera,Sera "

Entire Team Of Jonah,

Riccardo Cartelli
Rachel Boo Qin Hui
Delia Frances Png
Alyssa Tan Rui Shan
Afiq Abdul
Praveena Cartelli


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