2015/04/14(火) 20:00 開催
東京都 渋谷

1st Scala Screening Party!


日 時: 2015/04/14(火) 20:00 〜 22:30
会 場: Tech Lounge, CyberAgent, Inc. AdTech Studio
住 所: 4th Floor Shibuya CenterPlace, 1-16-3 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
定員数: 申込 25人/定員 25人
申込先: Doorkeeper


What is Scala screening party?

It is the event we'll see and discuss Scala videos together, such as ScalaDays, NE Scala, Scala eXchange, Spark Summit.

Can I join though I'm a newbie in (Scala | Japanese)?

It must be fine!
Gitter chat room will be prepared for discussion during video playing.
(At least) I believe relatively higher ratio of participants can speak English than other Scala meetup, considering the nature of this meetup :-)


Tech Lounge, CyberAgent, Inc. AdTech Studio. (5 minutes walking from JR Shibuya Station).
4th Floor Shibuya CenterPlace, 1-16-3 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Thanks to Scala PR Team at CyberAgent, Inc. AdTech Studio, we can use fantastic room "Tech Lounge" as shown at banner image!

Videos we'll see

ScalaDays 2015 SF videos.

Alternatives: NE Scala 2015 videos will be alternatives.

How's it going?

A video is projected to a main screen and gitter chat room is projected to a sub screen. You can chat in text at gitter, or in verbal (if it's not too noisy). Take it easy and enjoy!

Your translation, comments or dictations to gitter chat room is very welcome!


20:00 - 20:20 ... self introductions of everyone
20:20 - 21:00 ... 1st video play
around 21:00 ... pizzas and drinks arrival!
21:00 - 21:20 ... discussion | chat about 1st video
21:20 - 22:00 ... 2nd video play
22:00 - 22:20 ... discussion | chat about 2nd video

This is a rough time table, and may be changed due to slow playing or replaying.


  • Organizer will order pizza and drinks for participants who paid.
    If you need foods, please buy ticket with meal or get ticket without meal and pay to the organizers by the beginning of this meetup!

  • You'll get a bottle|can of drinks at the venue. (Thanks,CyberAgent!)

  • You can bring any foods or drinks.

After party

TBD. We may have the one, depending on needs :)

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